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     In my opinion, based on my recent experience with them, Carpet Cleaning Hanwell are the best company providing the best cleaning services. I spoke to their customer service team beforehand and detailed what the job would entail. Their team came prepared on the day and got straight to work. Everything was carried out professionally and within the agreed period. They stuck to their promises and I ended up paying the agreed price quote too. A great company!
K. Efferding19/05/2020
     Our company took bids for cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Hanwell wasn't the cheapest, but they were hired because they are the best. They take the time to listen to their client's needs and come up with customised solutions at competitive prices. Thanks!
Alvin C.20/09/2019
     I can't believe Carpet Cleaners Hanwell was able to get the red lipstick or whatever off my white carpet. That alone made their carpet cleaning visit worth the money.
Jennifer 28/10/2016
     This is the first time I have worked with HanwellCarpetCleaners but I am more than happy with how things turned out. I own antique furniture and upholster and I am usually very careful about not staining it - but I accidentally spilled wine over my carpet yesterday and I thought that leaving it into the hands of the pros would be better. I called this company, hired them and my carpet looks really clean now!
Jackie W.17/03/2015
     I've used many different cleaning companies over the years but I've never seen one as professional or as reliable as HanwellCarpetCleaners. The cleaner I hired did a flawless job at getting my home perfectly clean, and it was done very fast as well. I was also impressed with the price, and how friendly my cleaner was as well. A great all-round home cleaning service!
Darryl Y.29/01/2015
     My workplace was becoming a bit cluttered and I was worried this could negatively affect the firm. Not wanting this to happen, I sought the help of atop cleaning firm. I wanted someone who could send cleaners to assist with the cleaning, who would be professional and killed, and be able to do what I needed. HanwellCarpetCleaners ticked off all boxes and I hired them without delay. Their team got every job done in no time and ensured my office was clean and orderly once again.
R. Forrest18/12/2014
     You won't believe how pleased I am with this service! Seriously good. I was wanting a professional cleaning service which includes having cleaners that are reliable and who know what they are doing. That's just what I got with HanwellCarpetCleaners. It takes such a weight off my mind not having to worry about the cleaning as much as much as I did. Of course I still tidy up and keep things clean myself when I can of course but the difference in having a cleaner come round even just once a week is like night and day. Can't believe it's taken me so long to have a cleaner. If you're going to hire a cleaning firm, I can recommend this one.
Belinda G.13/08/2014
     HanwellCarpetCleaners were able to provide every cleaning service I needed. I called them up to assist me on a regular basis and they did just that, their cleaner vacuumed all of my carpets, washed all surfaces and windows, sorted items, got rid of litter, disinfected the bathroom and much more. The eliminated all dust, stains and dirt, so the entire abode was spotless. I had no trouble hiring their services when I called them up and their staff, both in person and over the phone, were friendly and supportive. They charged a reasonable rate and I had no worries about the working in my home even when I wasn't present. 5/5.
Harold Johansson20/06/2014
     I live alone and last month I broke my arm and have struggled to do things around the home lately because of this. My friend told me about HanwellCarpetCleaners and said that they are very helpful in the home and will do the jobs that you can't manage so I thought why not try it out!!!! They came yesterday, they are very friendly and polite and they do not judge at all, which is what I feared the most. In fact they are very helpful and it's a godsend for me right now finding this company but even when my arm is better I may just keep them because it's worth the price you pay!
Lorna P.08/05/2014
     My husband wasn't keen on having strangers come into our home to clean it, but when he saw the work that had been done to a friend's house, we both decided to give HanwellCarpetCleaners a try, and it's really the best decision we've made all year! I couldn't get the house looking as clean as I wanted and still be spending enough time at the office, but now our home is always looking clean and polished! I would never have guessed that professional house cleaning could be this easy and affordable. I love it and I recommend this service to everyone!
Linda Stow17/12/2013

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